Fortnite crossing over with Marvel’s Avengers for a smashing exclusive

Fortnite and Marvel’s Avengers have assembled to give PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players exclusive in-game items for Epic’s battle royale juggernaut.

Players who complete the three HARM challenges in the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers beta on either Xbox One or PlayStation 4 will gain access to the Hulk Smashers Pickaxe with an included Hulkbuster style. Unfortunately, it seems that PC players are out of luck.

In order to claim these exclusive items, players must link their PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live accounts to their Epic Games accounts, and then link their Epic accounts to their Square Enix accounts.

The Marvel’s Avengers beta kicks off on August 7th for PlayStation 4 players who have preordered the game. An open beta for Sony’s platform, as well as Xbox One preorders, starts the weekend after that. A full open beta for both platforms will run from August 21st to August 23rd. The beta is also running on PC, though it doesn’t seem as if playing the PC beta will unlock the Hulk Smashers Pickaxe.

If you miss the beta but really want those beefy Hulk hands, you will be able to purchase the items later from Fortnite‘s store.

Publisher Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics recently gave a deep-dive look at what we can expect from the Marvel’s Avengers beta, as well as announcing that Hawkeye will be the game’s first post-launch hero.

While Fortnite regularly crosses over with Marvel to promote the Disney-owned company’s movies, this is only the second time that another publisher has used Epic’s juggernaut as a marketing platform for its game, the first example being 2K Games and Borderlands. It will be interesting to see if and when other games start to use Fortnite as a marketing platform, as many movie studios and musical acts have been doing for the last year or so.

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