About Us

Enjoy games more with the new EGM

When Steve Harris started Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine back in the late ’80s, info on the latest console games and coming attractions was hard to come by. In an age before widespread internet adoption, the pages upon pages of info, rumors, screenshots, artwork, and unfiltered opinions that filled each issue of EGM quickly turned the magazine into a must-have resource for gamers everywhere.

As the gaming industry grew and the enthusiast media expanded along with it, EGM stood out from the crowd by building a distinctive voice: informative but irreverent, opinionated but fair, deeply connected to the gaming industry but never beholden to it. Across multiple owners, incarnations, and spin-off publications, EGM grew to define gaming for a generation of players, readers who’d rush to the mailbox every month to see what verdicts the Review Crew would hand down or to read the latest scuttlebutt from Quartermann.

Now, three decades later, EGM is back under the ownership of its founder, Steve Harris, and embarking upon its next chapter. Just as much of the world has moved on from print media, EGM now lives exclusively online. With this latest version of the site, EGM augments its news coverage and reviews with an increased focus on features and original reporting. The new EGM seeks to shine a brighter light on the stories behind the games we love and those of us who play them, all with the same integrity and dedication to the readers that have been hallmarks of the brand from the start.