WB Montreal kicks off teaser campaign for Batman reveal

WB Montreal is taking a page out of Treyarch’s playbook and kicking off a mysterious teaser campaign that will likely culminate in a trailer for its upcoming Batman game.

The developer’s official Twitter account recently posted a video featuring a weird symbol that also links to another Twitter account and a new website. Thirteen seconds in, a brief flash of what appears to be an image of an owl can be seen, which makes sense considering the game’s long been rumored to involve the Court of Owls.

Visiting the website (with your ad blocker turned off) reveals a landing page with the message “WE HAVE BE3N EXPECTING YOU 8/18” and a timer at the bottom counting down to tomorrow. While this might seem like a hint that a trailer is dropping tomorrow, IGN points out that there are several clues in the website’s code that point to this teaser campaign extending to the end of the week.

This teaser campaign will seemingly culminate in a 20-minute presentation on August 22nd at 10:30 a.m during DC FanDome where WB Montreal will be giving a “first look at an exciting new game and a Q&A with its developers.” Of course, it would be nice if we got some kind of trailer a day early.

This is not the first time that WB Montreal has teased its upcoming game. The developer began teasing a new Batman game in September 2019 with what appeared to be an evolving symbol that potentially hints at the League of Assassins or its spin-off organization, Leviathan.

A follow-up in January 2020 revealed another symbol that featured a shield crest with a crown, swords, talons, and a cross surrounded by what appear to be American references—an eagle, the scales of justice, and stars and stripes. The “redacted” nature of this symbol also seems to hint at the involvement of the federal government in some way.

Along with WB Montreal’s game, Batman: Arkham developer Rocksteady is also revealing Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League during DC FanDome in a presentation preceding WB Montreal’s. Both presentations will be viewable at dcfandome.com.

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