PUBG’s latest update includes a Pajama Party and Erangel changes

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players can join the Pajama Party with the release of the latest Survivor Pass on PC. Console players will need to wait until May 6th to get involved.

The new Survivor Pass: Pajama Party offers players 30 rewards to unlock split across 50 levels of progression. Players can level up the pass through XP by playing matches and completing Daily, Weekly, and Challenge missions. The pass is priced at 990 G-Coin and also comes with The Big Sleep AUG weapon skin.

“This pass kicks off our new way of releasing passes, which are no longer linked in time and theme to the season,” developer PUBG Studio explains. “This gives us more options for content, duration, and even how many passes we choose to release per year. The passes will still follow similar mechanics with missions and rewards, so pick yours up and start unlocking today!”

This update also makes changes to the Military Island Bridges on Erangel. These changes include additional cover, new catwalks to give other avenues for attack and defense, and a slight position change for the dump truck.

In addition to the above, there are adjustments to drive-by shooting, the Reputation System, the SLR Muzzle, and performance. Read the full patch notes here.

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