The Games of 2024: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The most unexpected remake of all time continues.

Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix
Platforms: PS5
Release Date: 02.29.2024

On paper, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second part of Square Enix’s three-part remake of one of its most beloved RPGs of all time. Now that Cloud and his friends have escaped from the looming walls of Midgar, a vast world awaits, filled with familiar locations from the original game such as Nibelheim, Cosmo Canyon, and the Gold Saucer.

While it’s a direct continuation of the previous game, Rebirth will bring with it a number of gameplay and core upgrades to offer a better and more expansive experience. One big new addition to combat is Synergy Abilities. These special attacks feature two party members teaming up, and one neat factor of that is that every potential pairing has their own unique Synergy Ability. As well, the arrival of additional playable characters on the team will also offer more variety in battle. As one example, Red XIII brings with him a special “revenge gauge” mechanic, which offers added options to those players who use him more defensively.

Of course, if you’ve played the first chapter of the trilogy, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and have seen any trailers for Rebirth, then you know that things aren’t quite that simple. Where as the previous chapter teased the idea that something strange was going on in the retelling of the original game’s events, the seeds that were sewn by Tetsuya Nomura and the rest of the development team now look to be sprouting, promising some big revelations and shocking continuity shifts for anyone who thinks they know what’s coming next.

In smaller terms, even slight differences to those locations mentioned above are hinting at some bigger storyline implications, including how we’ll be visiting each and in what order. We’ve also seen the introduction of two key members of the cast—Cait Sith and Vincent Valentine—but much like with Yuffie, their arrivals might not come when and where we’d assume.

On a bigger level is everything going on between Cloud, Zack, and Sephiroth. We don’t want to get too into all of the theories and speculation going around about the trio for those trying to avoid spoilers, but we certainly seem to be on track to witness some wild twists as they walk ever closer to their destined—or, perhaps, not so destined—outcomes.

And, speaking of characters potentially avoiding their expected destinies: Let’s just say that we’re not feeling too comfortable about placing any bets on a certain florist’s potential future just yet.

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