Get a mount in Final Fantasy XIV by gifting Twitch subscriptions

Final Fantasy XIV players can grab a new mount to use in the game by gifting subscriptions on Twitch, Square Enix has revealed.

The Final Fantasy XIV x Twitch collaboration event begins today, June 24th, and will give players the opportunity to get 100 Deluxe Heavenscrackers and the Fat Black Chocobo mount. To get these items, players must make use of Twitch’s gift subscription service.

To take part, log into your Twitch account and then gift a total of four subscriptions while watching one of the eligible Final Fantasy XIV streamers. One gifted subscription grants a code for the 100 Deluxe Heavenscrackers, while four total gifted subs reward the Fat Black Chocobo mount.

More information about the event as well as the full list of eligible streamers can be found here.

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