Final Fantasy XVI: An Eikon in the Making

Anyone who has played at least a few Final Fantasy games will know that Summons have long been an important part of both the storyline and battle system of nearly every release. In Final Fantasy XVI, however, some of the old traditions around Summons are getting a bit shaken up.

First and foremost are their names. Summons are now known as “Eikons,” and their existence will have major consequences on the events that transpire from the story’s opening moments. Some of the old standbys will be returning, such as Ifrit, Shiva, Titan, and Garuda, and from what we’ve seen so far, they seem to still wield their familiar elemental abilities. Given that the game is in part about the “war of the Eikons,” however, the balance of power between those legendary beings could definitely be shifting.

We also know that Eikons are directly linked to Dominants, the term used for people who are able to summon them. Because of that ability, Dominants play an important role in society, even leading to them being in the employ—or at the head—of their respective kingdoms. While protagonist Clive Rosfield is not a Dominant himself, he somehow wields the power to call upon their strength. This, no doubt, will make him both a respected and feared man in a land where Eikons can control the fate of entire kingdoms.

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