Final Fantasy XIV’s Pandaemonium raid launches tomorrow

Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy XIV‘s servers will be going offline for maintenance and the introduction of update 6.01 later today.

The maintenance is scheduled to begin today, December 20th at 6 p.m. PT and will run through December 21st at 2 a.m. PT. After maintenance is completed, players will be able to tackle the normal mode of Endwalker’s first eight-player raid, titled Pandaemonium.

“Far beneath the ground upon which mortals tread, steeped in darkness deep as starless night, ancient power lies dormant,” the raid’s teaser reads. “Too hungry, too brutal, too monstrous─what cannot be controlled must be contained, here, in Pandæmonium. Dare you make the descent?”

Next on the roadmap is update 6.05, which will bring the Savage difficulty of Pandaemonium on January 4th, 2022.

In other news, Square Enix was recently forced to suspend sales of Final Fantasy XIV due to the ongoing congestion issues the game is facing. As an apology, all currently active subscribers are being granted an additional 14 days of free game time on top of the seven days that were gifted previously.

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