Final Fantasy XIV’s Moogle Treasure Trove returns next week

Square Enix has announced that the Moogle Treasure Trove event is returning to Final Fantasy XIV on March 15th.

“In recent years, demand from collectors and historians has led to a surge of adventurers seeking tomestones, those mysterious relics of the Allagan Empire made to record and keep its secrets,” Square Enix explains. “Some small number of the artifacts, unique for the peculiar sort of knowledge contained within, have piqued the interest of the eccentric─in particular, itinerant moogles, who come bearing rare goods of their own to exchange for these “irregular” tomestones.”

This event returns randomly and tasks players with completing objectives to earn irregular tomestones. These tomestones can then be traded with the Itinerant Moogle in each of the three major cities for rare rewards. The rewards this time include the Namazu Earring, several mounts, Riding Maps, Triple Triad Cards, Minions, and Orchestrion Rolls.

The Moogle Treasure Trove event will be live until the launch of patch 5.5 in April.

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