Final Fantasy XIV’s full 6.1 patch notes reveal job balance changes

Square Enix has shared the full patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV‘s upcoming 6.1 update, otherwise known as Newfound Adventure.

The big difference between the preliminary patch notes released last week and the full version is the reveal of all the job changes that are coming. Paladin, Ninja, Samurai, Summoner, and White Mage received the most adjustments, with Sage, Machinist, Reaper, and more receiving just a few changes.

A couple of examples include numerous HP restore on actions for Paladin, shortened animations for Dragoon, a change to Ninja’s Trick Attack to make it a personal buff, recast timer and potency increases for Summoner, and numerous potency adjustments for Samurai and Machinist. Take a look at the full list of changes in the patch notes here.

Update 6.1 also includes new main scenario quests, the introduction of the Duty Support System for older dungeons, a new dungeon, the Ishgard residential district, Adventurer Plates, and The Unending Codex.

Finally, this update includes some major changes for PVP. Following the update, players can jump into the new 5v5 Crystalline Conflict mode, begin working through a new reward system, compete in a new ranking system, and use numerous reworked PvP skills and limit breaks.

Final Fantasy XIV‘s 6.1 update is set to go live tomorrow, April 12th, on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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