Final Fantasy XIV’s 6.1 update has arrived

Final Fantasy XIV‘s latest major update, titled Newfound Adventure, is now live.

This update brings with it new main scenario quests in which the Warrior of Light will be setting off on a new adventure following the events of Endwalker and a complete revamp for PvP. The revamp includes a new 5v5 mode called Crystalline Conflict, a new rewards system, and the return of the GARO collaboration event.

Also added in this update is a beta release of the Adventurer Plates system. Using this new feature, players can create a public profile that will show a portrait of their character as well as their preferred class, active times, and playstyle. The portrait used for the Adventurer Plate will also appear during the Crystalline Conflict mode.

Other additions include the start of the Myths of the Realm Alliance Raid series, a new Unreal Trial, a new dungeon, the Ishgard residential district, New Game+ changes, and more. Read the full patch notes here.

Later in the 6.1x patch cycle, Square Enix plans to introduce the Tataru’s Grand Adventure side series, a new Ultimate duty, new Hildibrand Adventures, Custom Deliveries, and more.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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