Final Fantasy XIV’s 5.3 update includes new NieR content, a new dungeon, more

Square Enix has shared the first details about Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming 5.3 update.

First up is the introduction of the next part of the NieR-themed YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse Alliance Raid. This large-scale raid, titled The Puppets Bunker, “will unravel further mysteries of the machine lifeforms on the First,” according to Square Enix.

Joining the raid are new main scenario quests and a rework of A Realm Reborn’s main scenario questline that will offer players a more streamlined experience. As part of the rework, players will gain the ability to fly in A Realm Reborn areas after completing “The Ultima Weapon” quest.

Other additions include The Heroes’ Gauntlet dungeon, a new eight-player trial, relic weapon updates, the third phase of the Ishgard Restoration, new Beast Tribe Quests, and New Game+ updates.

Finally, Unreal Trials are being introduced. These new trials will see players taking on level 80 versions of each Primal, with a new primal being rotated in each patch. First up is Shiva and defeating her each week will give players the chance to complete a new mini-game.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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