Final Fantasy XIV update kicks off the Ishgard Restoration

Square Enix has pushed update 5.11 live for Final Fantasy XIV, bringing with it new raid content, the Ishgard Restoration, and more.

First up, today’s update introduces a new ultimate difficulty raid called The Epic of Alexander. This high-level content sees eight players taking on a number of enemies from the Alexander raid series.

Also arriving today is the Ishgard Restoration, which is the first endgame content for crafters and gatherers. Players on each server must work together to restore the Firmament district to its former glory by collecting and crafting construction materials, and by completing tasks. As each server completes milestones, the Firmament district will change and players will be rewarded.

In addition to the above, there are new mounts, minions, housing furnishings, hairstyles, and more for players to earn.

Read the full patch notes for update 5.11 here.

Square Enix also teased that the game’s next update will arrive “in the coming months.” This update will add the Onsal Hakair PvP Frontline map and new additions for the Blue Mage.

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