Final Fantasy VII Remake videos feature Chocobo Chick, Carbuncle, and Cactuar

Square Enix has shared a series of short videos for Final Fantasy VII Remake that feature three of the game’s summons: Chocobo Chick, Carbuncle, and Cactuar.

Chocobo Chick attacks the enemy with magic and is available with all preorders of the game. While Carbuncle casts reflect on the party and is available as part of the Digital Deluxe and 1st Class Editions of the game. Finally, Cactuar is included with any special edition of the game and fires needles at enemies.

Last week, Square Enix unveiled the full opening cinematic for the remake. The remake’s opening mixes elements of the original with new footage of Midgar.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches April 10th, 2020 for PlayStation 4.

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