Final Fantasy VII Remake gets a final trailer, preload now available

Square Enix has shared a final trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake ahead of the game’s release next week.

The trailer below features a mixture of familiar faces and new characters and shows a number of scenes from later in the game, so be careful of spoilers. We also get to see some more combat, including the fight with Rufas Shinra.  

The remake is now available to preload on PlayStation 4 to help players ease the strain on their internet bandwidth.

“We know that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many people having to stay at home, some of you may be experiencing extra pressure on your internet bandwidth. We wanted to give all our fans some extra time to download the game,” producer Yoshinori Kitase said.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches April 10th for PlayStation 4. A demo version of the game is currently available via the PlayStation Store and all players who download it before May 11th will receive an exclusive PS4 theme when the game launches.

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