Changes being made to Final Fantasy XIV’s mentor system

Final Fantasy XIV’s mentor system will be undergoing a couple of changes with the release of update 5.1, Square Enix has announced.

The mentor system allows experienced Final Fantasy XIV players to teach new players the ropes via an exclusive chat channel and a special Duty Roulette.

Following the release of the update, players who achieve mentor status in a Disciple of War or Magic can set their online status to “Battle Mentor” or “PvP Mentor.” While players who achieved it in a Disciple of the Land or Hand have access to the “Trade Mentor” status. In addition, players who are only Trade Mentors no longer have access to the Mentor Duty Roulette.

As well as the above changes, the requirements to actually become a mentor are being adjusted. After 5.1, players will need to acquire 1,500 player commendations, which is up from the previous 300 requirement. All other requirements remain unchanged.

Finally, Square Enix announced that all current Mentors who meet the new requirements will have to renew their certification before December. To do this, players need to head over to one of the Smiths in Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, or Ul’dah after update 5.1 is released.

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