Battlefield 2042 reveals the rest of its Specialists in new gameplay trailer

A new gameplay trailer has revealed the rest of Battlefield 2042‘s Specialists.

Previously, DICE had revealed five Specialists, including the four available in the open beta and Battlefield 4‘s Irish. The five Specialists revealed in the new trailer—Rao, Dozer, Sundance, Paik, and Angel—round out Battlefield 2042‘s 10-character launch roster.

As a reminder, Specialists replace the series’ traditional class system in Battlefield 2042. Each Specialist comes with a locked Specialty gadget as well as a passive gameplay Trait. While they fall under traditional class designations like Assault and Recon, Specialists can equip any weapons and secondary gadget they want.

The rest of the Specialists

Here are the remaining five Specialists, their Specialties, and their Traits:

  • Navin Rao is a Recon Specialist. His Specialty is a Cyber Warfare Suite that hacks enemy equipment and in-world objects. His Trait is Trojan Network, which reveals enemies around a hacked target that the player has killed.
  • Santiago “Dozer” Espinoza is an Assault Specialist. His Speciality is an SOB-8 Ballistic Shield that protects from incoming projectiles and even appears to deflect damage back at enemies. His Trait, Blast Resistant, allows him to take less damage from explosives.
  • Emma “Sundance” Rosier is another Assault Specialist. Their Specialty is Smart Explosives that include Scatter, Anti-Armor, and EMP grenades. Their Trait is the Wingsuit, which replaces the parachute and lets them travel much further.
  • Ji-Soo Paik is another Recon Specialist. Her Specialty, the EMG-X Scan, can reveal enemies behind cover. Her Threat Perception Trait automatically spots enemies that damage her.
  • Constantin “Angel” Anghel is a Support Specialist. His Specialty, Loadout Crate, refills ammo and armor, and it lets players change their loadout on the fly. His Trauma Specialist Trait allows him to revive all teammates with armor.

Unsurprisingly, Battlefield 2042‘s Specialists have proved to be a controversial addition to the series. Players have objected to their inability to tell friendly Specialists from enemy Specialists, as teams no longer have specific uniforms. Likewise, fans have raised concerns about the balance issues that Specialists present. In Hazard Zone, each squad will only have one of each Specialist, and players can turn off Specialists entirely in Portal.

We’ll get to see how the full roster of Specialists impacts gameplay when Battlefield 2042 launches November 19th for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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