Apex Legends trailer shows Newcastle’s abilities in action

EA and Respawn Entertainment have released a character trailer focusing on the next addition to the Apex Legends roster, Newcastle.

As with previous character trailers, the focus is on showing off Newcastle’s three main abilities. First, there’s his passive, Retrieve the Wounded, which lets him drag downed teammates while shielding them from enemy fire. Next, there’s his tactical, Mobile Shield, a drone that projects and energy shield and can be controlled to move it around the battlefield. Finally, his ultimate is Caste Wall. Upon activating this ability, Newcastle leaps forward toward an ally or targeted spot, and then slams down an extendable wall. This deployable cover very much resembles a castle turret, with cut-outs that allow his team to shoot out.

In small but interesting twist, this trailer doesn’t use a disembodied narrator like previous character trailers. Instead, Respawn has used his sister, Bangalore, as the narrator who runs through Newcastle’s abilities. If you’re not up on your lore, Bangalore’s been looking for her brother since he had a change of heart and went AWOL from the IMC. Now that he’s shown up with a heroic new identity, she doesn’t seem too thrilled.

For more on Newcastle and the changes coming to Apex Legends with the new season, Saviors, you can check out the story trailer, launch trailer, and gameplay trailer.

Newcastle arrives in Apex Legends when Saviors launches May 10th. It’ll come to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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