You can soon use your Xbox 360 gamerpic on Xbox Series X/S

The Xbox engineering team has started testing an update that will allow Xbox Series X/S owners to use their old Xbox 360 gamerpic on their new consoles.

Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie stated on Twitter (via Eurogamer) that Alpha Skip Ahead Insiders can test the feature now, and that if “it tests out okay in early rings it should roll out to everyone eventually.”

As of right now, the only Xbox 360 gamerpic you can use on Series X/S is the one that’s currently equipped on the Xbox 360 version of your Xbox account. In other words, if you want to change to a different Xbox 360 gamerpic, you’ll have to literally log onto your Xbox 360 console and change it. Of course, only Alpha Skip Ahead Insiders can test this new feature anyway, so it’s a moot point for most of us.

If this feature does get the seal of approval, we could see it by the end of the year. Xbox hasn’t released any information about the September system update yet (if there even is one; August’s came in the middle of the month), but we would more likely see it in November or December at this point. Considering Halo Infinite is also launching in December, we might soon start seeing a bunch of old heads fully reliving their glory days around the holiday season.

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