New dashboard update brings higher-resolution UI to Xbox

Microsoft’s decision to bring the Xbox One’s dashboard over to the Xbox Series X/S was a positive in many ways, but there’s one area where it has unquestionably lagged behind the PlayStation 5: resolution.

When connecting a PS5 to a 4K television, the console’s dashboard runs at a crisp and detailed 4K. Over on the Series X/S, however, even the newer model of Xbox still only displays its dashboard at 1080p, even when connected to that same 4K display.

While this hasn’t been a big deal for some, it definitely has for others—and, thankfully, an upgrade to that resolution is now in the works.

If you’re a member of the Alpha Skip Ahead ring of Xbox dashboard testing, a new build is going live later today that offers an option where “Xbox Series X consoles connected to a 4K display can begin flighting an increased resolution UI.” Although we don’t yet know how high that “increased” resolution will be, I have to assume it’ll at least be 1440p if not a full 4K. Given it seems that this boost is only for the Series X specifically for now, my guess definitely leans more heavily toward the latter.

If you’re not part of the Alpha Skip Ahead ring, then you’ll simply need to be a bit patient, as there’s a number of levels Xbox dashboard testing goes through before it gets released to the general public. However, you can at least now know that that bump is coming.

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