There won’t be a Warzone map from the next Call of Duty in 2021, rumors say

The Call of Duty: Warzone map based on the next game in the series won’t launch in 2021, according to the latest rumors.

According to Tom Henderson, whose Battlefield rumors we’ve previously reported, this year’s Call of Duty—which is thought to be Call of Duty WWII Vanguard—will bring a new, potentially World War II-themed map to the series’ battle royale spinoff, Warzone. However, that map won’t be launching until 2022.

It seems that the new map’s delay is partially due to the “botched map release of Black Ops Cold War‘s Warzone map (which was meant to release months ago),” Henderson states. However, it could also have something to do with the fact that Vanguard‘s developer, Sledgehammer Games, has only been working on this particular title for two years, half of which has been spent working from home.

Henderson also had some notes on how Activision “could be” planning on integrating Vanguard‘s weaponry into Warzone. According to the report, Vanguard‘s weaponry could be introduced to Warzone “periodically” through the World War II shooter’s life cycle as DLC for the battle royale game or as unlockable weapons in Vanguard. If you don’t buy Vanguard you’ll have to wait for the weapons to trickle into Warzone, but if you buy Vanguard you can have access to those weapons immediately.

Of course, until we hear anything from Activision or Sledgehammer Games, it’s important to note that these are just rumors. While Henderson has had a decent enough track record, he backtracked on his reports that the next Battlefield’s campaign will be a co-op experience, saying that he misinterpreted the information that he received.

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