The new Fable is using the Forza engine

A recent job listing for Forza Motorsports developer Turn 10 states that the same engine that’s used to make some of the most celebrated racing games in history is also being used to support and develop the new Fable game from sister studio Playground Games.

As spotted by IGN, the job listing is for a software engineer on Turn 10’s Tech Share team that will build systems and tools for the ForzaTech engine. Interestingly, in addition to “adding new features like raytracing to support the next console generation,” Turn 10’s engineering team is also “enriching the [ForzaTech engine’s] toolset to support an open world action RPG—Fable.”

It’s not too surprising that Playground Games would want to use an engine that it’s familiar with when building Fable, especially considering the results it’s had with the engine in the past. Forza Horizon 4‘s version of Britain, with its dynamic seasons and sweeping vistas, could definitely serve as a starting point for Fable‘s Albion.

There hasn’t been much else to report about Fable since Xbox revealed it in July 2020. Rumors that it would be a full-on MMORPG were refuted by the developer, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t feature some MMO-style elements, especially considering that it will debut on Game Pass.

Meanwhile, the next Forza Motorsport title is currently in the testing phase, and fans of the series can sign up to go hands-on with early versions of the still untitled game.

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