Ripple Effect Studios, formerly DICE LA, is bringing “fan-favorite maps” back to Battlefield 2042

We know that Ripple Effect Studios, formerly known as DICE LA, is working on a major piece of the Battlefield 2042 puzzle, which it will fully reveal at EA Play Live 2021. However, during a recent “Future of FPS” spotlight event that Electronic Arts hosted, Ripple Effect general manager Christian Grass dropped a small hint at what we can expect.

Grass stated that the mode that Ripple Effect is creating will be “adding some fan-favorite maps back into Battlefield 2042.” And that’s all he could say about what the game’s official website refers to as “a love-letter to fans and long-time players” before EA Play Live on July 22nd.

What’s really interesting about this tidbit, however, is how it matches up with recent rumors about the mode. Those rumors, publicized in a video by known leaker Tom Henderson, have stated that Ripple Effect is working on a sort of “Battlefield hub” that will combine multiple elements of previous Battlefield games into one mode that will run on 2042‘s upgraded Frostbite Engine.

We already know a decent amount about Battlefield 2042‘s “All-Out Warfare” mode, which includes Conquest and Breakthrough on 128-player maps for PC and “next-gen” (or, now, current-gen) consoles. All-Out Warfare will introduce 2042‘s new take on Battlefield’s classic class system in the form of Specialists, and it will launch with seven maps.

The third piece of the puzzle is Hazard Zone, which DICE has emphatically stated is not a battle royale mode, even though it sure sounds like one. We won’t be getting a full reveal of Hazard Zone until after EA Play Live.

Battlefield 2042 is launching on October 22nd for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can read our coverage on the game’s different editions and how the current-gen and last-gen versions of the game will differ if you’re confused about all that.

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