Next month’s Marvel’s Avengers next-gen upgrades revealed

Marvel’s Avengers will be getting its next-gen upgrades on March 18th for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

On the PlayStation 5, the native next-gen version of the game will have two options: native 4K and Performance. Native 4K mode will render the game in—you guessed it—native 4K at the cost of a higher framerate. Performance mode will run at 60 FPS with a checkerboard version of 4K similar to the technique that the PlayStation 4 Pro often utilized. It will also take advantage of the console’s spatial audio and haptic feedback features.

As for the Xbox consoles, Marvel’s Avengers will run at Native 1440p on Xbox Series S and Native 4K on Xbox Series X. Both versions of the game will have improved frame rates over the Xbox One version, though developer Crystal Dynamics oddly didn’t specify exactly what frame rate the next-gen Xbox version are targeting.

Even more odd is that the game’s official Twitter account shared a chart comparing the native PlayStation 5 version to the backwards compatible PlayStation 4 version, but for the Xbox versions, publisher Square Enix opted to simply email the chart to players instead of publicizing it.

via Reddit

The free next-gen upgrades will launch on March 18th alongside the game’s next DLC character, Hawkeye.

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