Marvel’s Avengers’ War Table rework arrives this week

Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that its previously announced rework of the War Table will go live on March 24th.

Following the update, Drop Zones and Threat Sectors will always be viewable on the War Table, instead of rotating every 15 minutes, and Hives will appear once players reach a certain power level. Each region also now has a minimum and suggested max power level to give players an idea of where they should be playing.

In addition, Villain Sectors now always appear on the War Table without having to grab the mission chain, Vaults appear without needing coordinates, and Flashback Missions that ended in a boss fight have been replaced. Players will also find the following new missions on the War Table:

  • The Hostile Earth – Threat Sector
  • Desperate Times – Drop Zone
  • Cavorite Crash Site – Drop Zone
  • Blood From a Stone – Threat Sector
  • Wasteland Vault and Elite Wasteland Vault – Vault
  • Illusion of Truth and Unthinkable (Elite) – Taskmaster Villain Sector

Finally, Nick Fury has returned to guide new players in the Avengers Initiative. Fury can be spoken to next to the War Table and will now replace JARVIS and Maria Hill’s narration at the start of the Initiative.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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