Here’s how Deathloop will make use of DualSense on PS5

Now that the PlayStation 5 has launched, those of us who’ve been lucky to get our hands on one have begun to wonder how developers will make use of the new DualSense controller’s unique features. Thanks to a new post on the PlayStation Blog, we know a little more about the plans for one upcoming title: Deathloop.

The post details how developer Arkane Studios will employ three main features of the controller in its timeloop shooter: advanced haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and the built-in speaker.

First, let’s dig into the haptic feedback. Arkane promises that you’ll be able to feel the difference between every weapon you use. One highlighted example, the PT-6 Spiker, will let you feel every round as you reload, since you do so by dropping a handful of bullets into an open chamber.

You’ll also notice the haptics when moving around the environment, with unique details for running, sliding, climbing, and teleporting. Different surfaces will have a different impact as well, with landing in snow, for instance, feeling different than landing on a hard surface.

As for the adaptive triggers, Deathloop promises to use them to spice up weapons in two key ways. First, every trigger pull will offer a realistic resistance, with variety between weapons. Second, if you’re firing a lower-tier, rusty weapon, it may be vulnerable to jamming. When it does so, the trigger on the controller will be blocked halfway through, meaning you can feel the jam before you even see the related animation onscreen.

Last but not least, Deathloop will use the DualSense’s speaker heavily. If you’re not playing with headphones, you’ll hear “each bullet that whizzes past your head (or hits it),” the dry click of your weapon once you’ve emptied the magazine, and radio messages from Juliana, the rival assassin hunting you.

All told, it sounds like Arkane has put a lot of focus into using the DualSense to its fullest so as to improve immersion. It could be a sign of exciting things to come from third-party developers as they spend more time with Sony’s new system.

Originally announced for launch alongside the PlayStation 5, Bethesda later delayed Deathloop into 2021. We learned of its new May 21st release date earlier this month following a PlayStation Store leak. The game will also arrive on Windows PC the same day.

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