First details on June’s free PlayStation Plus games

While Sony hasn’t fully lifted the lid yet on what’s coming next month in the way of free games for PS+ subscribers, it has revealed one of the titles you’ll soon be playing.

That game? Call of Duty: World War II. As 2017’s entry into the yearly Call of Duty franchise, World War II was the first game to return back to the events of World War II since 2008’s Call of Duty: World at War.

In our review of the game—which you can read in full here—we said that the changes to Call of Duty: World War II‘s core were “few but distinct,” which lead “to a good balance between relishing everything Call of Duty used to be and still continuing to move the series forward.”

As for the rest of the games to be included in June’s free PlayStation Plus titles, it seems we’ll be finding that out later this week.

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