Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III – Tac Attack

Since time immemorial (or, like the first game in the series), Call of Duty players have been faced with the same choice during a firefight. Do you shoot from the hip, allowing you to move around and aim faster at the expense of accuracy? Or do you aim down your weapon’s sights, making you a slower target but keeping a tighter spread on your shots?

Well, with Modern Warfare III, players will finally have a third option: the Tac-Stance. In this new firing mode, you’ll pull up your weapon into a canted firing position—aka you tilt it like 45 degrees so it looks super cool. It’s a true middle ground option, more accurate than hip firing but not as accurate as aiming down sights. Your movement speed is also in between the two previous options.

According to Activision, Tac-Stance is designed to complement aggressive tactics, allowing you to, say, quickly clear a room of enemies while keeping up your momentum. We’re excited to see how this third option plays out in practice, especially in multiplayer.

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