Celebrate Marvel’s Avengers first anniversary with a free bundle

Crystal Dynamics is celebrating the first anniversary of Marvel’s Avengers with a bundle of free items.

Starting now until September 8th, players can grab the bundle from the in-game store that contains Black Panther Nameplate 10, two 2-hour Hero Catalysts, and two 2-hour Fragment Extractors. Fragment Extractors are a new type of consumable that will double the amount of Fragments players receive for a limited time. Additionally, players can grab the Iron Alloy Outfit for Iron Man for free.

A new mission chain is also available to complete to celebrate the anniversary that will reward players with a new nameplate. The chain requires players to complete the Reassemble campaign, both the Kate and Clint Operations, and the War for Wakanda Expansion. Everyone who has already done this will have the reward waiting for them when they log in.

In addition to the above, the Cargo Runner Synthoid and Priority Mission Rush events are now live until September 16th. The former increases the spawn chance of the Cargo Runner Synthoid to 50 percent, while the latter makes the Priority Mission available to complete once a day, instead of once a week.

Finally, Crystal Dynamics promised to deliver an updated roadmap and a new State of the Game blog next week on September 8th.

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