Call of Duty: Warzone’s Operation: Flashback LTM is now live

Raven Software is celebrating the history of Verdansk ahead of the move to Caldera with a new limited-time mode titled Operation: Flashback.

This new mode is still set in the latest version of the map, but at the start of each circle, a Public Event taken from all 10 seasons of Warzone will take place. The Public Events include Fire Sale, Jail Break, Supply Chopper, Cash Drop, and free Loadout Drops. Additionally, the following events can also occur:

  • Ground Fall (Season Four, Black Ops Cold War): Satellites crash to the ground in this event, dropping Satellite Caches free for the taking… if you can get them.
  • Hostile Fire (Season Three, Black Ops Cold War): Arm C4 on the rooftop of “Downtown Tower” while avoiding the incoming attack chopper for one of the Vault Keycards. Simultaneously, the “Unfinished Business” Contracts make a glorious return so it’s a race to the vault!
  • Restock (Season One, Black Ops Cold War via Rebirth Island): All Supply Boxes on the map close and refresh their loot, perfect for if you’ve just returned from the Gulag…
  • Resurgence (Season One, Black Ops Cold War via Rebirth Island): All players redeploy if at least one squad member is still alive. Rebirth Island Resurgence Operators will know the rules of this event and the Restock one well.
  • Juggernaut Royale (Season Four, Modern Warfare): Multiple Juggernaut crates deploy to the field, equippable as one-per-squad. View the Tac Map to see where they drop, and prepare for a fight.
  • [REDACTED] Weapon Drops: A brand-new event for Operation: Flashback, expect a drop of heavy weapons crates with predefined loot to award the most daring squads with huge firepower.. including [REDACTED] weapons.

Operation: Flashback features its own loot pool that brings back a number of “meta-defining” weapons and items. A couple of examples include double-barreled Dragon’s Breath shotguns, the Durable Gas Mask, Hunter Vision, and more. A full list of the rarest items in the pool can be found here.

This new mode will be available in Warzone until December 1st. All players who manage to pick up a win will receive a new Calling Card.

Looking forward, Raven Software plans to release the Secrets of the Pacific limited-time event on November 24th. This new event sees players completing challenges that will reveal information about the new Caldera map and its points of interest. Following this will be the Last Hours of Verdasnk event, which is scheduled for November 30th.

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