Call of Duty: Warzone update adjusts CR-56 AMAX, FARA 83, Streetsweeper, and more

Raven Software has pushed a new update live for Call of Duty: Warzone that aims to address the quick TTK (Time to Kill) of several weapons.

“We feel we are close to a ‘balance homeostasis’ where most options are at the very least viable. Which leaves us to address Time to Kill,” the developer said. “The following balance changes are part of our ongoing efforts to raise TTK or at least the individual skill required to reach extreme ones. We ask that you consider these changes not as targeted attacks, but rather as part of a larger initiative to raise the skill ceiling.”

This update decreases the minimum damage of the CR-56 AMAX from 32 to 31, decreases the headshot multiplier and base ADS move speed of the FARA 83, and increases the recoil and base hip spread of the Streetsweeper shotgun. Additionally, the Bullfrog has received a maximum damage decrease with increases for maximum damage range, base move speed, and sprint out speed.

On top of these weapon changes, Raven has also adjusted a few weapon attachments, including decreases in ADS firing speed and move speed multipliers for several stocks.

“It is crucial to maintain an engagement space where each weapon type can excel, lest we risk guns becoming analogous. In that regard, some weapon types were able to elude mobility as a core weakness given the right attachments,” Raven explained.

“We believe this is in part why assault rifles have been able to assume the role of submachine guns. While it is a priority for us to maintain and embrace gameplay differences between Modern Warfare and Cold War guns, we felt movement speed modifiers in their current state would undermine gameplay integrity and overall weapon diversity if left unchecked. These stocks are still a solid choice, even with such a substantial reduction—which we believe speaks to just how strong they were.”

Finally, the common and uncommon variants of the Streetsweeper have been replaced by the Hauer 77 in ground loot and the rare and epic variants of the Streetsweeper have also been removed from Supply Boxes. Read the full patch notes here.

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