Call of Duty: Warzone gets 50v50 mode, in-match events, and more in Season 4

Activision and Infinity Ward have pushed the Season 4 update live for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone.

The big change in Season 4 for Warzone players is the introduction of in-match events, which can occur during battle royale matches sometime between the first drop kit and the Gulag closing. The first of these events is “Jailbreak.” When a Jailbreak occurs, all players who have been eliminated from the match and are either waiting in the Gulag or spectating will be returned to the match.

The second is known as “Fire Sale” and will heavily discount items from Buy Stations for 60 seconds. However, Infinity Ward notes that Loadout Drops are not discounted during a Fire Sale. The final event is “Supply Choppers,” which brings a non-lethal, heavily-armored helicopter to Verdansk that once shot down will drop high quality loot for players to pick up. The loot includes three UAVs, two armor and munitions boxes, a gas mask, a grenade launcher, and a ton of cash.

Season 4 also brings with a new type of contract for Warzone called the Contraband Contract. This new, rare contract has a chance to spawn after completing a contract and requires players to deliver a briefcase to an extraction helicopter. Players who successfully extract the briefcase will be rewarded with a permanent Blueprint. Be careful though, as other players can steal the briefcase by killing the carrier.

The last addition for Warzone is a new game mode called Warzone Rumble. This new mode sees two teams of 50 battling it out in various areas around Verdansk.

Modern Warfare players get the returning Scrapyard multiplayer map, a new Gunfight map called Trench, and a fourth Battle Pass that features Price as a playable character. In addition, Weapon Mastery Challenges have been introduced that will unlock once the Gold camo for a weapon is earned. There are eight challenges per weapon that reward four player cards and four emblems. Players who manage to complete all challenges for all 51 weapons will get a special sticker and player card.

Read the patch notes for Season 4 here.

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