Call of Duty: Vanguard update makes adjustments to combat pacing

Sledgehammer Games has made some changes to combat pacing in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

To start with, the Assault Combat Pacing option has been removed from Quick Play and Featured Playlists to help improve map rotation.

“This change intends to improve diversity in map rotation. Although Assault Combat Pacing is the choice for just 5% of players, its impact on matchmaking cannot be understated. By removing this option, we aim to improve map rotation across all Quick Play playlists,” the developer explained. “We will be monitoring your feedback and game analytics to assess if this change has made the desired improvements.”

Additionally, the minimum and maximum player counts for the Tactical and Blitz Combat pacing options have been adjusted “to ensure that Tactical serves as a classic Call of Duty experience and Blitz satisfies those looking for high-intensity gameplay.” Take a look at the changes to player counts below:

Finally, this update corrects the requirements of various camo categories for the Nikita AVT (Assault Rifle) and M1916 (Marksman Rifle). Read the full patch notes here.

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