A couple of PlayStation Plus games are already leaving next month

The revamped PlayStation Plus tiers just launched on June 13th in the U.S., offering a collection of games from across PlayStation’s history for Extra and Premium subscribers. However, several games are already scheduled to leave the service.

Eurogamer found both PlayStation 4 game Shadow Warrior 3 and PlayStation 3 game Syberia on the “last chance to play” section of the PS Plus catalogue. Shadow Warrior 3 will leave on July 5th, and Syberia will leave on July 19th. Other games that have expiration dates include NBA 2K22 (August 31st), Red Dead Redemption 2 (September 20th), and Red Dead Redemption (October 17th).

Sony does state that any game can leave the service at any time. If it does, PlayStation will publicize its exit from the service. Xbox does the same thing for Game Pass, as games both leave and join the service’s library every month.

As a reminder, Extra subscribers have access to select PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 games. Premium subscribers get access to that collection, plus some PS3, PSP, and original PlayStation games. Players have to stream the PS3 games available through the service as Sony has not made them available for download. That also includes certain Ubisoft “Classics” ahead of the launch of Ubisoft+ on PlayStation.

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