You can now build a custom Xbox Elite controller in Design Lab

As promised, following up on the recent launch of the Elite Series 2 – Core controller, Xbox has now opened up orders for custom Elite controllers in its Design Lab.

Custom Elite Series 2 controllers start with a Core base for $149.99. From there, you can customize the same things you can with standard controllers, plus you can pick what kind of D-pad you want, and you can customize both the thumbstick base and the ring around the base. Nifty.

That’s when things start to get interesting—and pricey, if you’re not careful. Starting with the base customization, you can then add paddles, additional thumbsticks, a case, and chargers for additional fees. What’s cool about customizing an Elite controller is that you can choose separate colors for the base sticks and D-pad, and the add-on sticks and D-pad.

If you decide to go all-in on the Elite with all its additional sticks and paddles, you can simply opt for the full Elite package for $209.99. However, if you don’t feel the need for different sticks or paddles, you can still keep it at under $200.

Just be careful that you aren’t overcharging yourself by adding everything manually, as you can end up spending more than $209.99. For some reason, Xbox will let you check out with a full package for nearly $250 if you forget to click the one tiny button that gets you the “Elite package.”

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