Yes another official mention of the Xbox Series S appears

One of the worst kept secrets in gaming lately has someone gotten even worst-ier as yet another mention of the Xbox Series S by Microsoft has appeared.

This time, Twitter user Brendan posted a photo of an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 14-day trial card that came with his new Xbox controller. And, to be clear, this isn’t even like last time, when it was a next-generation Xbox controller that made mention of the console. This is the normal current Xbox One controller, which makes this situation even funnier.

The included card proclaims that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate “includes Xbox Live Gold and unlimited access to over 100 high-quality games on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Windows 10.” This comes, of course, as Microsoft still has yet to actually announce the Xbox Series S, the long-rumored lower-specced companion to the Xbox Series X.

It seems obvious at this point that Microsoft expected to have made that announcement by now. 2020 has seen a lot of plans having to suddenly be reworked, though—to the point that it’s been said the Xbox Series X was even originally set for release in August.

Microsoft is supposed to be having another next gen-related streaming event at some point in the near future, and the company will also be kicking off Tokyo Game Show 2020 with an Xbox Games Showcase on September 24th. So, we have to be hearing something about the Xbox Series S at some point here soon.

Then again, we’re less than three months away from the launch of two major new video game consoles, and we still don’t know prices, release dates, launch line-ups, and more for either one. So, all logic seems to have long flown out the window.

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