Xbox Series X/S to boot up a lot faster

Xbox Series X/S owners who have their console set to Energy Saver mode (good on ya) will soon experience faster boot up times.

Xbox’s director of integrated marketing, Josh Munsee, recently confirmed on Twitter (via The Verge) that Xbox Insiders on Series consoles are currently experiencing boot up times that are twice as fast as what they were originally.

So how did Xbox’s engineers perform this miraculous technical feat? Well, they made the cut the start-up animation down from 9 seconds long to 4 seconds long.

Of course, you will only experience this advancement in gaming if you use your Xbox in Energy Saver mode, which fully turns off the Xbox instead of just putting it into Instant On’s standby mode. Even if you don’t care about saving the planet, setting the Xbox to Energy Saver mode will save you money on your electricity bill every month, so why not use it?

Faster boot times aren’t the only benefits that Xbox Insiders are currently experiencing. They’re also enjoying Discord’s voice chat app, which will launch very soon for all users.

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