Welcome to the New EGM

We're just getting started.

Thanks for stopping by the newly relaunched EGM.

If you’re a longtime reader of the old site, you’ve probably noticed that things look pretty different around here. Our main goal with the redesign has been to simplify as much as possible, so the site gets out of the way and lets you enjoy the stories we publish. We hope you like what you’ve seen so far.

Apart from the new look, the other big change to EGM is the increased focus we’re placing on feature stories. We’ll publish one of these stories each weekday, highlighted on our front page. We’ll still cover the latest news and review games like we always have, but we really wanted the design of the new site to highlight our original stories and the talented people writing them. We wanted to capture the spirit of a magazine cover story.

The main aim of our features is to showcase the depth and breadth of the world of gaming. Whether it’s a longform profile of a game developer, reporting on the latest industry trends, a look back at gaming history, or insightful analysis of a recent release, we want the featured article we put up each weekday to teach you something new and fascinating about the hobby we share. We hope that after you see some of what we have in store, we’ll be worthy of joining your daily rotation.

I could sit here and blabber on about our goals longer, but I’d rather let the work we have lined up for our first month speak for itself. Our first story, a profile of Assassin’s Creed III and Far Cry 4 director Alex Hutchinson, is now live. Please give it a read. And feel free to kick the tires on the new site. We’ve brought over our recent news coverage and reviews from the past few years, as well as some older content we wanted to preserve for posterity.

Thanks again for checking us out. Though our look, format, and focus may have changed, one thing remains just as true today as it was when Electronic Gaming Monthly published its first issue back in 1988: We’re here to help you enjoy games more.

Josh Harmon
Editorial Director

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