Watch 11 minutes of Second Extinction gameplay

Systemic Reaction shared 11 minutes of gameplay footage from its upcoming online co-op shooter Second Extinction during yesterday’s IGN Expo.

The footage below (via IGN) opens with the players dropping to the surface of Earth and then shows the team working their way through wave after wave of dinosaurs using assault rifles, pistols, and a minigun. We also get a look at a couple of the special dinosaurs that players can encounter, including the Acid Raptor and Electric Raptor. The gameplay ends with the team fighting off dinosaurs as they wait for the dropship to land and then extracting.

As previously explained by the developer, the gameplay loop involves choosing a mission and loadout, dropping down to the planet, completing an objective, and then safely extracting. Players can use rewards earned from missions to upgrade their weapons and equipment and purchase new items.

Second Extinction is in development for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC, but a release date has not been announced. Players can currently sign up for a beta test that is scheduled to begin this summer over on the game’s official website.

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