Second Extinction announced for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC

Systemic Reaction has announced Second Extinction, an online co-op shooter in which players fight mutant dinosaurs.

“As the dinosaurs took over our planet, some people made their escape to an orbital station set up by a group called the ERA,” lead producer Brynley Gibson explained over on Xbox Wire. “Humanity has licked its wounds and now returns to find out more about this unbelievable enemy. This is where The Extinction War begins. Players pick from a roster of four survivors from around the world, a group that will continue to grow after launch.”

The gameplay loop involves players picking a mission and loadout, dropping planetside, and completing a dangerous extraction after the mission objectives have been met. Once back home, players can use their rewards to purchase new weapons and upgrade their existing arsenal.

“I’m very proud of what our team has created,” Tobias Andersson, Managing Director at Systemic Reaction, added in a press release. “As a live game, we plan to support Second Extinction long-term, as we do with all our titles. We can’t wait for players to team up, start playing, and become part of our community.”

Second Extinction is in development for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. A closed beta for the game is scheduled to begin this summer and interested players can sign up here.

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