Ubisoft Store leaks new details about The Division Heartland

After spilling the beans about Assassin’s Creed Mirage mere days ago, Ubisoft’s digital storefront has leaked details about The Division Heartland, too.

Previously, the only information that Ubisoft confirmed about Heartland was that it’s a free-to-play standalone game and that it’s coming to PC and consoles. Ubisoft also slated it to launch by the end of 2022.

However, the leaked listing gave us a ton of new information before Ubisoft took it down. Thankfully, Twitter user Unknown1Z1 captured video of it (via IGN) and shared it for posterity. Based on the video, Heartland will feature two main modes.

One is called Storm Operations, a “massive PvEvP” featuring 45 players (we’re guessing 15 teams of three players each). Players will have to deal with an AI-controlled faction called the Vultures, other players, and a virus, which we’re guessing will function as a battle royale-esque storm.

The other mode is Excursion Operations, a PvE arena where players can gather gear and prepare for Storm Operations. It sounds like players can use Excursion Operations to test out the game’s three classes, which each have “their own perks and skills.”

Following the leak, Ubisoft confirmed that it will show off Heartland at Ubisoft Forward. Perhaps that means we’ll finally get a solid release date, too.

Image: The Division, Ubisoft

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