Turbo Golf Racing Season 2 brings 10 new levels to the game

Hugecalf Studios has delivered a new update for Turbo Golf Racing that kicks off the game’s second season.

Season 2 brings with it a new Aztec-inspired biome filled with 10 new levels for players to do battle on. There’s also an interactive water feature on these levels, new leaderboards for ranked and wins, and a new tutorial.

In addition, a new progression path has been introduced filled with rewards, including three car bodies and six balls. On top of this content, the following changes have been made:

  • New out of bounds system, with visible boundaries!
  • Time Trials star times have been adjusted
  • Barrier connections are smoother across all maps
  • Tunnel entrances are now smoother with barriers around them
  • Small ball core now requires 15 wins to unlock
  • Shock core now requires 15 stars to unlock
  • 25 stars are now required to unlock Sand Master
  • Unlocking the online lobby now requires more stars
  • Percentile rankings have been added to leaderboards
  • Matchmaking rules have been improved
  • Track your quests across multiple screens with increased visibility
  • New Aztec game logo and splash screen!
  • You can now see your next unlock on the reward screen
  • Shot of the match now displays the player’s power cores
  • Your personal best can be seen on online loading screens
  • Emoji selection no longer overlaps spectator buttons
  • The threshold for online inactivity has been increased

Turbo Golf Racing is available now on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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