Try three new Public Events on Fallout 76’s Public Test Server

Fallout 76 players can try out three new Public Events that are coming to the game through the Public Test Server.

The first of these is Test Your Metal, in which players “will join three members of the Brotherhood Field Team to compete as gladiators against the Rust Eagles’ deadly machines.” Complete three rounds against the machines to earn loot, XP, and a chance to pick up rare rewards, including plans to craft the new Botsmith Armor set.

Next is Eviction Notice, a high-level event that involves defending the Settlers’ supply crates and the Rad Scrubber from an onslaught of Super Mutants. Complete the event to earn Settler faction reputation, loot, and a chance to receive one of several 3-star legendary weapons.

The final new event is Moonshine Jamboree. In this event, players must defeat hordes of Gulpers to get the Gulper Venom for Moonshiner Ned. Deposit 30 Acidic Gulper Venom within the time limit to get Raider faction reputation, loot, and the all-new “Gulper Smacker” melee weapon.

Finally, this test update contains balance changes to VATS critical hits. Read the full patch notes here.

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