The Undying is returning to Hitman 2 this month

IO Interactive is now winding down support for Hitman 2, but it isn’t quite done with the game just yet.

The first batch of content for January arrives today, January 9th, with the introduction of 11 new Featured Contracts. This month’s theme is “Stay Frosty,” but the developer adds that this doesn’t mean players will be spending all their time in Hokkaido.

In addition to a new batch of contracts, Hitman 2’s first Elusive Target, Sean Bean’s The Undying, will return for 10 days on January 17th. Players who missed out on taking down Mark Faba will get a second chance later this month.

Finally, a new batch of Curated Contracts from community member MulletPride will arrive on January 23rd.

As revealed last year, work on the next entry in the Hitman series is “well underway” and most of the Hitman 2 team has now been moved over to this new game.

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