The Surge 2’s free JCPD Gear Pack DLC adds new loot

Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 have released the JCPD Gear Pack, the second free DLC for action RPG The Surge 2.

This free DLC pack introduces the “JCPD Team Zola” armor set and four new implants. A full list of everything included can be found below:

  • JCPD Team Zola armor set
  • Drop Tech Scrap Regenerator implant
  • Omni-Cell Battery Converter implant
  • Physical Aggression Stabilizer implant
  • Energized Material Converter implant

Earlier this month, Deck13 released the first piece of season pass DLC for the game that added 13 new weapons for players to collect. Future content includes a new area to explore, new enemy types, bosses, weapons, and more.

The Surge 2 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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