The Super Mario Bros. Movie teaser finally reveals Chris Pratt’s Mario voice

Nintendo and Illumination debuted the first teaser for the long-awaited Super Mario Bros. Movie, finally revealing what Chris Pratt’s Mario voice sounds like.

And, well, it mostly sounds like Chris Pratt.

The teaser kicks off with Bowser, voiced by Jack Black, invading a land ruled by penguins. Unfortunately for the adorable flightless birds, their snowballs are no match for Bowser, who nukes their castle with his flame breath and finds what he came there for: a Super Star. What the king of the Koopas will do with that is anyone’s guess.

Meanwhile, in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario comes flying out of a pipe from nowhere, just in time to be greeted by a Toad voiced by Keegan Michael Key, who already knows his name. And that’s when we hear it—Chris Pratt’s Mario voice. We only hear a few brief lines. The first sounds like normal Chris Pratt. The second . . . also sounds like Chris Pratt, but with a slight Brooklyn accent.

The begs the question: Is this Mario from New York, or is he from some other fantasy world? How does he know what the Mushroom Kingdom is? And where did his butt go?

The teaser concludes with a brief shot of Luigi (voiced by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Charlie Day) doing the Mushroom Kingdom version of Charlie work and running from a bunch of skeletal Koopas. Hold the door, Luigi.

We might be left with more questions than we had before we saw the teaser, but we only have six more months to get the answers. The Super Mario Bros. Movie premieres April 7th, 2023.

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