The Elder Scrolls Online’s Daedric War Celebration begins today

The Daedric War Celebration begins in The Elder Scrolls Online today, January 20th.

To get started, players simply need to pick up the introductory quest “Guidance for Guides” from the in-game Crown Store or from the event NPC Calonir, who can be found near any Impresario tent.

For the duration of the event, players will receive Daedric War Spoils reward boxes for killing World Bosses and Delve, killing monsters, closing Abyssal Geysers, opening treasure chests, and more. These Daedric War Spoils reward boxes have a chance to contain the following items:

  • NEW Evergloam Champion weapon style pages
  • NEW Gloam Gryphon Fledgling pet runebox
  • Crafting materials
  • Style items for styles found in the Vvardenfell, Clockwork City, and Summerset zones
  • Overland set items
  • Valuables you can sell for gold
  • Treasure maps for Vvardenfell, Clockwork City, and Summerset zones
  • Transmutation Crystals
  • Motif chapters for styles found in the Vvardenfell, Clockwork City, and Summerset zones
  • Snowhawk Mage armor style pages
  • Slag Town Diver Skin runebox
  • Thetys Ramarrys’s Bait Kit runebox
  • Microtized Verminous Fabricant pet fragment

Additionally, each day players can get a Glorious Daedric War Spoils by completing a daily quest in Vvardenfell, Clockwork City, or Summerset. The Glorious version has a higher chance of containing a rarer reward.

Finally, players can get two Event Tickets each day by turning in their first Vvardenfell or Clockwork City daily quest and turning in their first Summerset daily quest. These tickets can be spent at the Impresario vendor for three Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet fragments, the first fragment for the Scales of Akatosh skin, Evergloam Champion weapon style pages, and the Gloam Gryphon Fledgling pet.

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