The Elder Scrolls Online’s Bounties of Blackwood event begins this week

Zenimax Online is challenging The Elder Scrolls Online community to work together to unlock rewards for everyone during the Bounties of Blackwood event.

Players will have from September 30th until October 12th to earn the Blackwood Pathfinder achievement. The more players who earn it, the more rewards on offer. Fill the meter to 100 percent to unlock the following:

  • The Pellucid Swamp Jelly pet, unlocked at 33%
  • The Shadows of Blackwood markings, unlocked at 66%
  •  A cascading bounty box, unlocked at 100%
    • With a chance to include items such as Undaunted Plunder, rare materials, or item sets, and guaranteed to include attunable crafting stations and a unique Ogrim target dummy

The final reward will remain a mystery until the Gates of Oblivion Year-End Stream. The developer teased that “it’s amazing, and well worth risking the dangerous wilds of Blackwood.”

In addition to the above, players will receive a Glorious Blackwood Legates’ Coffer the first time they complete a daily quest in Blackwood each day. This can contain crafting materials, style items, gear, motifs, a pet fragment, and more.

The Elder Scrolls Online is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia.

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