Temtem gameplay trailer prepares you for PS5 early access release

Crema has shared a new trailer for its massively multiplayer creature collector Temtem ahead of its console debut on PlayStation 5.

The trailer below goes over the three starter Temtem that players will have to choose from, 2v2 battles, breeding Temtem, and the ultra-rare Luma Temtem. We also get a brief look at character customization and the various outfits available to players.

As previously announced, the early access version features a 30+-hour campaign, four islands to explore, more than 100 Tems to capture, ranked matchmaking, player housing, and more. In the future, the developer plans to add two more islands, additional Temtem, and new multiplayer features.

Temtem is available now in early access on PC and is coming to PlayStation 5 on December 8th.

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