Stellaris: Console Edition is now optimized for Xbox Series X/S

A new update has been released for Stellaris: Console Edition that optimizes the game for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Following the update, players can enjoy a bump to 60 FPS, faster simulation times, improved end-game performance, and quicker loading times when playing on Xbox Series X/S. Today’s update also includes free Archaeology Sites and Crisis Relics, Envoys, Diplomatic Stances, and the Galactic Community Origins on both PlayStation and Xbox.

That’s not all though, as the Lithoids have arrived on PlayStation and Xbox in the Lithoids Species Pack DLC. The Lithoids are “made entirely of sapient rock,” eat only minerals, and “can colonize in almost any environment,” according to Paradox Interactive.

In addition to the new species, players who purchase the pack will gain access to unique mechanics for Lithoid Empires, 15 new portraits, new mineral-based ship models, and a new voice pack. The Lithoids Species Pack DLC is included in the game’s third expansion pass.

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